Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lifes Moments

On Sunday the 28th of December, was a great moment in our lives. It was Christmas time, and alot of our friends and family were around. But that afternoon we blessed our little son Ian. We had sacrament meeting at 245. I put on my old mission suit,(i hadn't worn a suit in 7 years, since my mission.) Ian was blessed all in white clothes of course(man he's a cute little boy.) I was so excited and nervous to bless him. Im not good at all with public speaking stuff (oh well). It was such a neat experience to hold my son and give him his name and a blessing. I was shaking the whole time, but it really was such an awesome experience. And then after you bless him, the bishop says hold up your son and show him off to everyone. It reminded me off Lion King when the dad holds up his little cub to show the whole world him. It was an awesome moment. So then i sat down and thought I was going to relax the rest of sacrament meeting with my wife. But then the bishop was the last to speak that day. He said he had a strong feeling from the spirit, that Sister Hawks (Traci) should give her baby to me to hold, and that she should come up and bear her testimony. Traci walked up there and stood by the bishop. He said some really nice things about Traci, and then he said it was her turn. At that moment I was holding our little son Ian, and listening to my beautiful wife. The world stopped for me for a few minutes. I really couldn't remember being as happy and at peace as I was feeling at that time. I looked down at Ian and then looked up at Traci as she was talking, the tears just kept coming for me. At that moment all my worries went away. I was so grateful to my heavenly father for blessing me with such a great wife, with such a great testimony, and a happy healthy son. Heavenly father sure has blessed me so much. I was so grateful to hear my wifes beautiful testimony. I think it was the best testimony I have ever heard. That was a moment in my life I will never forget. The world stopped for a few moments for me. Im just so grateful for my family. My wife and our son Ian. I have loved starting our little family. Im so grateful for the gospel. It really does give us a meaning in our lives. We know why were here, where were going afterwords. Im grateful to have a son who we can teach him the principles of the gospel. It's so fun to see him grow. Its so great to see him smile. Im grateful to be a dad. I just want to thank all of our friends and family that were there. It was such a great day.


LIZ said...

I'm sorry I was not able to be there. I heard that it was beautiful and that the spirit was so strong. Thank you for sharing.

We love you guys and can't wait to meet little Ian.

Garrett said...

hey Josh just wanted to let you know that as i was reading that i started to tear up a little and i am so grateful for u and that your my brother and i could not ask for a better example and the love that you have shown me and how much that has meant to me.